Join World leaders, leading new energy and green technology subject matter experts, Nobel laureates, scientists, professors, economists, state leaders, top government officials, CEOs of large national and international companies, policy makers, sustainability organizations, economic organizations, environmentalists, government agencies and global angel investors and world media.



 Join us at the 11th WGES  

April 13, 2022 (on-line )  



For more than a decade, WGES has earned a track record for showcasing the newest, alternative, sustainable 

and innovative products while serving as a world stage for launches & program updates. The WGES program 

focuses on new sustainable/renewable energy as well as innovations in existing technologies as the vantage 

point in the new economy creating and maintaining jobs, contract and exporting opportunities, and new policies 

leading to economic vitality and a healthier planet.  

The WGES attracts some of the best minds and top decision makers in the field and through a carefully 

planned strategic process has developed outstanding outcome based topics  while creating a platform for education 

and information exchange.  The WGES is made up of a G2G, B2B and B2G audience. It also provides a platform to 

showcase products & technologies to an enthusiastic and forward thinking audience looking  for solutions. 

This is the premier event  known for the top echelon of speakers, scientists, researchers, innovators, 

officials, corporate leaders, exhibitors, program and contracting officers

Since its inception it has developed a stellar reputation participating agencies, sponsors & exhibitors include

United States Federal Government Agencies including United States Department of Commerce, United States 

Department of Energy, United States General Services Administration (PBS, FAS) United States Department of 

Transportation, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Defense 

(including the Pentagon, Department of Army, Department of Air Force), United States Department of Labor, 

United States Small Business Administration, United States Minority Business Development Authority, United States 

Department of Trade; Private Sector Corporations such as; AECOM, Tishman, StructureTone, Constellation, 

Cisco, EES, DOW, Siemens', General Electric, Johnson Controls. International officials & delegations from 

Embassies, Consulates & International Delegations (hosted by US Dept. of Trade), 

WGES is hosted by Mayors of Major Cities, Governors, Economic Development & Planning Organizations, Academia/Universities, Co-Hosts Partners included Drexel University, Wharton School of Business,Temple 

University, Howard University, University of Pennsylvania, Hunter College, CUNY, University of the Districit of 

Columbia, State of New York, City of Philadelphia, City of New York, Distict of Columbia along with other 

nonprofit partners such as; Professional Women in Construction, Association of Facilities Engineer, National 

Association of Home Builders, World Trade Organization, Chambers of Commerce.  

WGES has continuously been hailed in the media, and by participants and sponsors alike as a well organized, 

well attended and well executed effective program.  

                                                                   Register below

At the WGES you will meet face to face with the buyers and investors and hear directly from the top experts and  

key decision makers regarding the latest vital information to help your organization, agency and/or business 

meet the demands of this 21st Century New Economy global market.   


"(WGES) ..a quality, not just a quantity for the sake of quantity event.  It was well planned 

and worthy of our time..."(UGI)

"The relationship building and collaboration as a result of your outstanding efforts to put together a world class 

symposium has been invaluable...creating a global platform for key energy leaders to meet and discuss current and  

emerging technologies is exemplary.    V.Reynoso, CEO GEE

"I get to attend symposiums & events on a regular basis.  I find the WGES events to be 

one of the best organized,  most informative, packed with highly connected and influential 

people...M.Holler, Director EES   

"We (DOW) APPLAUD WGES and its efforts to raise awareness and elevate the importance of energy efficiency...

The Past WGES Have Sold Out! -  Thanks to our program managers and 
event organizers, and a big thanks to our logistics team, ambassadors, 
board of advisors, hosts, sponsors, partners, exhibitors, attendees 
and media partners all who assist over the many years making 
it WGES, the success it has been hailed to be!   
Please book mark interested Sponsors / Tables Exhibitors are 
encouraged  Pre-Register.  Email for details. 
Why You Want to Attend:
Location, Location, Location
Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Informed!

The President introduced $3 trillion in spending to boost the economy, including rebuilding aging infrastructure like highways, bridges and rail lines, and investing in technologies to reduce planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the policies on the table include: Installing thousands of new electric vehicle charging station, funds to build energy-efficient homes, constructing new electric power lines, contracts and jobs – find out firsthand where to at WGES.US!  

Partial list of Industry & organizations who participate in The WGES in some capacity, include:  Lockheed Martin, DOW, Aecom, 
Tishman, Siemans, Mark Andrews, General Electric, Johnson Controls, Constellation, IBM, StructureTone among others, White House Executive Office, Welcome by Governors & Mayors (of WGES Host Cities & States), International Delegates, Economic 
Development & Planning Organizations,  Chambers of Commerce, Major Universities, Environmental & Trade Organizations. 
Below is a partial list of Federal Agencies and their Leadership who participate in The WGES: 
Office of Energy & Climate Change - White House
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. International Trade Administration
U.S. Department of Defense - Pentagon
U. S. Department of Army
U. S. Department of Air Force
U. S. Department of Navy
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. General Services Administration  
U.S. Department of Commerce 
U.S. Department of Labor - Women's Bureau
U.S. Small Business Administration
U. S. Department Of Commerce
The U.S. DOC, Minority Business Development Authority& Business Centers
U. S. Department of State 
U.S. Department of Agriculture
District of Columbia - City of Philadelphia - State of New York and more....... International Panel hosted U.S. Department of Trade  

What You May Expect  

1.Top Experts cover well planned agenda of current topics/training for your business and agency in this industry. 


2. New Launches of programs, forecasts and contract opportunities unveiled, new and proposed policies discussed. 


3.Case Studies are presented with information detailing when project commenced, obstacles, hurdles & lessons learned,

where & how funding was procured, technologies & Innovations & papers are presented. 


4.Showcase of latest innovative products, technology, innovations from U.S. and around the globe, matchmaking


with primes, local and federal government agencies providing information on procurement & contracting information.      


5.Roundtables and One on One discussion opportunities with the top experts in government, business, 

economy, education, environment. 

6.Meet The Prime Contractors Matchmaking Session for Small Businesses. 


7.Latest updates on exporting, contracting & jobs; lending and investing opportunities from the experts who attend seeking 

to invest in technologies.


8. Being part of unique networking opportunity with top decision makers and a well defined multidiscipline audience of 

influencers and experts all under one roof at a world event with a proven track record of success.


 Who is Invited to Attend
  • Industry Leaders/Officials their Program & Contracting Officers seeking business and/or to procure innovations 
  • and technologies

  • Federal, State, Local Government Officials, Policymakers, Agency Program Managers, Employees & Contracting 
  • Specialists seeking to identify, inform, exchange & outreach with public and private sectors within this field. 


  • Government Agencies, Government Contractors, Global Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Organizations &  Academia 
  • seeking to Partner/Exhibit/Export/Contract or Subcontract/Create Green Jobs

  • Lenders, Financial Institutions & Investors seeking qualified customers,


  • Engineers, Architects, Program Managers & Developers seeking updates, 


  • Manufacturers, R&D and Distributors with new technologies & Innovations,


  • Scientists, Professors, IT Professionals, Researchers & Innovators providing updates/education & information


  • Universities and Their Students  seeking information on jobs & new disciplines

  • Industry Leaders/Officials their Program & Contracting Officers seeking business and/or to procure innovations & technologies, 
  • small and minority owned businesses seeking to procure with agencies or team with primes within this space.


This has been one of the most powerful, informative symposiums I have ever been to. It was worthy of my 10 hours of driving from Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you so much sponsors and supporters for such a great excellence and commitment. 

Marsha Ogletree,   Jameco Properties LLC


The World Energy Symposium event's Success was a testimony to energy conservation and energy creation concerns for the public sector, private sector and higher education. The quality of questions and concerns has raised the bar for all change agents to address the perfect storm of issues confronting our urban environment.  Ronald H. Bowman, Jr., Current Executive VP StructureTone,  Former Executive Vice President Tishman Technologies,  Author-"The Green Guide to Power-Thinking Outside the Grid"


My business partners and I attended and exhibited at the Symposium on both days, and found the event to be informative, energetic, well-planned and well-attended. We met many people in the renewable energy industry with whom we will be in contact to discuss opportunities to work together on sustainable development projects.

Matthew T. Stanger
Blue Sky Power LLC


Thank you and your team for a most informative and productive event at the World Green Symposium... Your staff demonstrated a high quality to satisfy the customers and exhibitors. The connections were fantastic. Having direct access to the DOE; SBA; US army and other quality exhibitors made the event that much more successful. The connections and relations we developed will go a long way to drive revenue as well as developing long term business relations.

Pete Pierangeli,  GridPlex Networks, LLC


WGES Hits The Mark Again! 

"It's not just what we say - it's what others continue to say about the WGES that makes this program a must 
attend!  This program does sell out!!!!  We do advise you to register early:     
"The WGES DC speakers were world-class, and the symposium classes were first rate, our company made numerous important 
contacts who viewed our technology demonstration.  WGES DC is one of the best events I have attended in years". 
Lawrence Silverman, GridPlex Networks and Zumo Energy
"The World Green Energy Symposium was a great platform… Not many forums have an all-inclusion of stakeholders 
from policy makers to the individuals and entities that must spend the financial resources to meet such initiatives….
Samuel Burlum, Extreme Energy Solutions…


“I appreciated the chance to engage.  The event was worthwhile, the participants engaging, and the success of getting 

the green energy message out was clear” .U.S. Federal Government Officer…


The WGES event was fantastic. WGES, brought together under one umbrella, high-level decision makers from 

government and municipal agencies who were committed to finding innovative green energy and technology solutions. 

These decision makers cared, listened, and pointed us in the right direction. Thank you WGES.  

Donta' D. Bell,  ApplyRapid, Inc.



Professor Robert J. Gallagher, Executive Chairman WGES Organizing Council  

The WGES Testimonials just keep coming!   

We (DOW) applaud the WGES and its efforts to raise awareness and elevate the importance of energy efficiency.”

The (WGES) brings together some of the best minds

 to connect in an educational and informational exchange

platform while attracting top decision makers and thought

leaders who are seeking energy usage savings solutions

and/or to increase economic development through the

use of sustainable technologies and products. The WGES

 is a rare opportunity to meet firsthand some of the most

 innovative and advanced technologies to meet those

demands,  whether an innovator, investor, purchaser or 

decision maker in new energy."  Professor Gallagher